Delta State Innovation Hub

Moving Delta State Beyond Oil

The Delta State Innovation Hub (DSiHub), launched in July 2016, represents a significant shift in focus from oil dependency to knowledge acquisition. It aims to support the long-term economic growth and sustainability of Delta State by supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and embracing technology. We’re located in the Government Residential Area (GRA) Phase I in Asaba, Delta State, DSiHub is geared towards fostering innovation and supporting technological advancements. The Delta State Innovation Hub is being managed by Schoolville.

The innovation hub provides various services and facilities to support the growth of the local innovation ecosystem. This includes:

Coworking Spaces Encouraging Growth

The hub offers shared office spaces equipped with modern amenities, fostering creativity and networking among entrepreneurs and innovators.

Incubation and Acceleration Programs

It provides tailored programs designed to support startups at different stages of their development, offering mentorship and training.

Training and Capacity Building

The hub organizes workshops, seminars, and training sessions to equip entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the competitive business landscape.

Access to Funding

Through partnerships with investors, venture capital firms, and government agencies, the hub facilitates access to funding for promising startups and innovative projects.

Networking and Collaboration

It serves as a platform for entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts, and policymakers to connect, share ideas, and collaborate on innovative projects.